Our Story

As Nuytekstil company known for leading innovations since 1992, we created Flaura Fragrances to transform textile industry offering pleasant scent solutions.

We got inspired from Flowering Aura and came up our brand name "Flaura"; aiming to give pleasant freshness around your Aura.

We believe there's a need for innovation on garment care that simplify our daily lives and care for our environment.

We came up with a product idea of “Garment Perfume” by leveraging on our expertise in "textiles" and upgrade with freshness innovations.

It all started with a malodor problem from denim industrial production of our client in 2010. We could solve this issue with a unique recipe that instantly worked to refresh the malodor and keep being effectively fresh for weeks. After that successful industrial trial, we developed a spray format for personal usage in 2011.

Flaura fragrances first patented in 2013 and officially started local sales.

In 2018, Flaura is introduced to European market with the support of Kagider. From this date we proudly started our international scope and online sales.

Flaura's unique position is to support sustainability by doing less laundry so less water&energy consumption. On the other hand, it provides a practically fresh lifestyle without worrying about laundry time and confidence of being fresh at anytime and anywhere.

The subtle structure of Flaura Garment Spray refreshes instantly, while the effective micro-capsule technology neutralizes odors that linger after being exposed to odors such as smoke, food preparation and strenuous activity. 

We spent 18 months in our labs to develop this unique spray recipe that is ready to use on various fabric surfaces.

Overall we are happy to present our innovative sustainable product: Flaura Garment Perfume

We are very proud to be the leader following the latest trends on textile.

Please check out this article on Fibre2Fashion.

We got awarded first in 2010 as best innovative project by Kagider, supported to introduce to Europe in 2018, and got into top10 projects on Butekom Textile Innovation Awards in 2019 with our sustainable support on textile industry.

Welcome to Sustainably Fresh Lifestyle #flauralife