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Welcome to Textile Innovations #flauralife
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Flaura Original Scent | Value Pack II
Flaura Fragrances

Flaura Original Scent | Value Pack II

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This Value Pack combines Flaura Garment Perfume's large bottle (280ml) for home use and medium size bottle (115ml) for  instant daily refreshing in your car or office. 

Flaura Garment Perfume refreshes your clothes with its subtle and sophisticated structure and undertones, while its effective micro-capsule technology neutralizes odors that linger after being exposed to smoke, food preparation and strenuous activity.

Please use Flaura Garment Perfume by spraying 2-3 times from a distance of 20-30 cms on the surface of the fabric you wish to refresh. Let it work in 5 mins, and ready to wear to enjoy Flaura freshness.

Please apply on delicate fabrics and materials such as silk and genuine leather from the inside of the garment. 

280ml bottle can refresh about 670 garments. 115ml bottle can refresh approximately 275 garments.

Ingredients: Deionised water, alcohol, perfume, non-ionic active ingredient, dispergator. 


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