How To Use

Flaura Garment Perfume is created to make you feel fresh & comfortable all day long.

You can spray it on your garments before you head out as odor protection shield, when you anticipate being exposed to such odors like smoking and cooking.

You can also spray it instantly on-the-go to refresh your garments during the day after being exposed to bad odors.

For best results;

You can refresh your gardrobe as pre-treatment on garments particularly for humidity odors, and be protective on bad odors when you wear them.


Flaura Garment Perfume is a functional product with a scent that is pleasant to wear by itself and that can also be layered with your personal fragrance.  

It adds a transparent layer of freshness on your garments.

Typically, we suggest to use 2-3 sprays per wear from a distance of 20-30cm on the surface of your garments. Let it work in 5 mins, and ready to wear to enjoy Flaura freshness.